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Posted on: Friday April 27, 2018 - 12:07 pm CDT

The Belair ATV Club, a member club of ATV Manitoba, is pleased to announce that after a year and a half of planning, field reconnaissance and negotiations with the Province, the Department of Sustainable Development (DSD) has approved a significant series of recognized ATV trails in the Belair Forest for management by the Belair ATV Club. The formal Land Use Agreement was officially signed on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.


This new trail network compliments and connects to the recently developed Whistle Pig Rail Trail from Pine Falls to Gull Lake, and the hope is to continue the expansion of rail trail connectivity all the way to East Selkirk, all of which adds significant kilometers of trail to the ATVMB trail network in Manitoba.


The new trail network includes the main north/south stem trails, the North Star and Ridge Trails, spanning from Stead to Traverse Bay Road East. Branching off these main trails are six scenic loop trails.  In addition, the rail line west of Hwy 59 running from Grand Beach Park to Traverse Bay Corner and a connector trail (north of Belair Road) eastward from the rail trail back to the North Star Trail are also included. A recently approved multi-use trail for the Red River North Trail Association was just cleared from Lester Beach east to Hwy 59/North Star Trail, and the Osprey Trail has been cleared along the south boundary of the park.


Plans for the new trail network include 10 evaucation sites for STARS and/or ground EMS,  two staging areas at the north and south ends and five information kiosks. Signage of the trail will begin this summer.


For ATVMB clubs to continue working on provincial trail development that benefits all who enjoy the sport, your support is needed.  Riders are encouraged to join a club and if there isn't one in your area, consider starting one.  For more information on ATVMB, member clubs and how you can become involved, visit


ATVMB wishes everyone a fun, safe and responsible riding season. Please respect other trail users and all fire/travel bans that may be in place.


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