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ATVMB provides leadership and support to the ATV community in Manitoba

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To provide Manitoba ORV riders access to a trail system that is safe, sustainable and environmentally conscious, resulting in an enhanced riding experience.

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Last Updated: Friday May 11, 2012 - 6:27 pm CDT

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September 2011
Posted on: Tuesday September 27, 2011 - 3:30 pm CDT

ATVMB Go Riding Update September 2011

The Province is looking to open the Act that supports the laws that define how we ride our ATV’s in Manitoba. The Off-Road Vehicle act, developed almost 30 years ago has lain dormant as the popularity of recreational ATV riding has grown to what some may see as unacceptable levels.

Revisiting the act is well overdue as the Off Road Vehicle Act was developed long before recreational ATV riding became popular. It is important that responsible ATV riders participate. Prior to ATVMB, the interests of ATV riders were NOT represented by ATV riders, in fact, non-motorized enthusiasts sometimes stood up and spoke for us.

Now that the government has an ATV association to turn to, they have invited us to participate. Eventually, things will start to develop for ATV riders but until then, it is critical that we participate, attend meetings, and be sure that assumptions are not made; questions are answered and show the potential for organized recreational ATV riding. This is our voice, an opportunity to be certain that our best interests are represented.

I commend the Province as they are certainly doing their homework. There are many trail users, motorized and non-motorized and many people to consider when making these changes. Being thorough takes time, but I will say this, although working with government sometimes seems to take forever, they do keep moving forward, and that is the only way things get accomplished. Meanwhile, ATVMB will continue to represent our membership.

Some of the current initiatives ATVMB is participating in:

  1. Manitoba Conservation Interdepartmental committee regarding ATV’s
  2. Manitoba Conservation ATV Safety Committee
  3. Duck Mountains Trail Working Group
  4. Mars Sand Hills focus group
  5. Manitoba Conservation trail stakeholders committee
  6. Mid Canada Marine and Powersports Dealers Association - Powersports committee

ATVMB is also a member and Director for the All Terrain Quad Council of Canada (AQCC) which has introduced the first recreational ATV Safety training course (CASI) developed by the ATV Safety Institute. We are looking for ways to fund this program and subsidize it for all youth and young riders in Manitoba.

These are some of the things we are working on as we try to keep the business of ATVMB moving forward. It is a lot of work for only a few people.

Thanks to all our clubs and members for their continued support. Special thanks goes out to those who take time out of their personal lives to help ATVMB shape the future of recreational ATV and OHV riding. If you are concerned about the future of ATV/OHV riding in Manitoba I encourage you to come to our AGM in March 2012, run for a position and help us make sure our voice is heard.

Chris Fox-Decent
President ATVMB

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